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In my previous article, I explored the association between knowledge, uncertainty, and stress. In this article, I will explore the behaviors of people during the pandemic.

There are five phases in the relationship between uncertainty and knowledge. The illiterate, educated, informed, scientists, and the all informed population based on the level of knowledge.

In the following two graphs, I display three zones that explain the behaviors of people during pandemics.

The three zones of uncertainty and knowledge – copyright 2020 all rights reserved

The three zones of stress and knowledge – copyright 2020 all rights reserved

The red zone is where the illiterate and the educated are; this is the danger zone. The uncertainty and stress are very high. It explains the panic shopping and the failure to implement the self-quarantine, causing more trouble to the community as a whole.

The green zone is where the informed population is, whether it is before or after the scientific discovery.

The orange zone is where the scientists are before their scientific discovery. Although their uncertainty and stress level are higher than other zones, it’s a healthy state to move one to the next phase of discovery.

To fight the pandemic, we need to keep the population informed about the pandemic, causes, methods of spread, how to protect yourself, family, and society.

In the next article, I will explore how to deal with uncertainty.